Travis Rulle from FBC Mortgage on home financing for custom home building

Learn how to ensure your customers make it to the closing table with all of the innovations they want in their home! Hear from Travis Rulle, Chief Strategy Officer at FBC Mortgage about making sure your clients can get what they want, and close on their homes!

How Homebuilders Can Drive the Desire to Buy New!

40% of homebuyers prefer new homes over used homes…so why is the new home building industry only capturing about 9% of home sales? We join Tiffany George, Division President of Builder Services & Design Centers at Christian Brothers to talk about how homebuilders can become new home retailers driving the buyer’s desire to buy new!

Innovation and Personalization for the New Home Buyer with KB Home

Home personalization is key for many buyers and especially as they make the biggest purchasing decision of their lives–a new home! KB Home has positioned itself as a leader in understanding this need. The company focuses on innovative design, personalization, affordability, and supplier partnerships to offer curated choices to their buyers–making their new homes uniquely their own. Hear our discussion with Gena Kirk, VP of Corporate Studio for KB Home.

Customized That's Simplified for Starter to Luxury Homes

Customizability is key with the new market of home buyers, but manageability is key for builders in order to offer a more personalized finished home. We talk about a wide range of products from HVAC to customized finished appliances across any style, space, and budget while simplifying the process so builders can focus on the bigger picture. With guest Steve Herbert, Director of Smart Home Solutions for Builders at Samsung Electronics.

New Home Retailing with
Fulton Homes

With deep roots in retailing, family-owned Fulton Homes has been doing homebuilding differently in the greater Phoenix area for more than 40 years. Their design center and options selling system is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the very best in the nation. We visited with Dennis Webb, an executive visionary who pushes the envelope non-stop.

Creating Knowledgeable Skilled Labor Teams with AI

Shortage on skilled labor? Team not ready for new codes? Delays in new product roll outs? New AI can help by putting a knowledgeable expert field trainer right in your team’s pocket! We chat with Keith Anderson, President of On3, about this new Field Learning Platform and how it’s helping construction teams build better, faster, and safe– A win for builders and the industry!

Hughston Homes Delivering Personalized Homes on a Schedule

Hughston Homes is a fast-growing Southeast region builder serving Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Hughtson prides itself on providing the best possible buying, building, and homeownership experience. Years of experience, modern technology, and streamlined systems allow them to deliver personalized homes on a schedule. Hughtson delivers innovative, on-trend homes via state-of-the-art intelligent technology, energy-efficient building materials, standard luxury features and a vast home plan and design library. We spent some time getting inside of Hughston’s approach and systems with Hughston president, Richie Eubanks.