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The Value of Information Flows in New Homes

What are device information flows and how can they be utilized by service providers and builders? John Galante, President of AE Ventures, facilitates a discussion on the topic with Jim Carroll, co-founder and CEO of Sendal, Joe Lautner, Principal at TecHome Advisors, Madison Saab, Channel Manager for, Michael Werner, Founder of HomeX, and Brad Wills, Director of Strategic Customers & Programs at Schneider Electric.

Jim talks about the link between energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and data streams. He highlights how technology can monitor potential issues and help homeowners service their homes. Michael talks about predictive analytics, and how people use such technology for security, measuring important indicators, optimizing their space, and enhancing the experience of living. He talks about the benefits of using tech systems from a consumer point of view. Madison notes how such products can be proactive and provide more convenience for homebuyers.

“How far are we from being able to deliver on this?” asks John. “I think the technology is there to support this concept already,” says Madison and brings up some of’s services. The group discusses the importance of making data streams meaningful for the consumer. The panelists agree that “we are here now” and talk about how their companies already implement dashboards that utilize data streams to help homeowners.

“Factory automation has been doing this for years, it’s been in cars, and now it’s time to bring it to the home,” says Joe, who talks about the value proposition of sensors in improving the life of the homeowner and providing preventative maintenance data to builders, manufacturers, and service providers. Brad shares an example of how his company implemented a way for homeowners to track how much energy is used by their devices, which helped them make intelligent decisions about their usage of energy.

The group discusses how data streams provide an opportunity for home builders to leverage technology and ultimately monetize services connected to utilizing the flow of data to and from new homes. Panelists bring up the opportunity for builders to innovate, form alliances, and provide a superior ownership experience compared to used homes.