Sell Your Best New Products To and Through Builders

Introducing and publicizing new structural and building envelope products is one thing, and getting naturally slow-moving builders to take the leap on new products and invest in the assets and processes required to implement is another.

The Structures segment is designed to help you go faster and deeper with builder innovators, with a special focus on influencers in general management, construction and operations and strategic purchasing leaders.

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Powerful Hosted Event Model

Leveraging AE Ventures’ uniquely powerful hosted event model, we’ll drive deep, focused interactions between building product manufacturers and key implementers to develop a shared vision, map out collaboration and accelerate implementation.

The summit will help vendors:

  • Establish and accelerate sales relationships with the biggest and most progressive homebuilders in America
  • Present a broad justification for implementing time and cost savings and increasing revenue opportunities and quality improvements
  • Address jobsite resource requirements
  • Present with impact to top companies in a high-quality setting at a strategic moment
  • Get feedback from top builders on new and under-development products and programs
  • Initiate sales follow-through in an orderly, trackable, high-quality way with the biggest and best builders
  • Break through with tough to reach decision-makers
  • Develop proof of concept tests to validate benefits and features

Structures Vendor Sponsor Product Scope

The Housing Transformation Structures wing focuses on innovations that contribute to highly desirable features like energy efficiency, sustainability, resiliency and health and wellness.

It also encompasses innovations that save time and money and improve quality. Innovations range from conventional structural components to prefabricated components.

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Guest/Audience Profile

Structural components and systems decision-makers from companies building 30 or more homes per year, including:

  • Executive Management
  • VPs, Directors and Managers of...
    • Construction
    • Operations
    • Purchasing

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A System for Success

Using AE Ventures' proven hosted event format, The Housing Transformation Summit enables builder buying teams to dive deep on the opportunities and challenges of transformation.

High quality general sessions, boardroom presentations and intensive one-on-one interactions with vendor partners will drive progress in two key areas—Finishes and Structures.

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