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Homebuilding Industry Leaders Join Housing Transformation Summit Advisory Council

Early adopters of process and product innovation are ready to contribute insights and share real world learnings that will help builders dramatically increase market share

AE Ventures announces the formation of an advisory council of true homebuilding business process, product and digital solutions innovation leaders who will inform the development of content and features at the upcoming Housing Transformation Summit– taking place in Phoenix, AZ on Nov. 30-Dec. 2.

The increase in homebuyers entering the housing market and the low inventory of existing homes has accelerated growth in new construction over the past year. The industry has also had several challenges such as ever-changing code regulations, labor shortages, high-cost or shortages of supply and the rising demand from buyers for more efficient building envelopes, green and energy-efficient homes, and healthy living environments with faster turn-around.  Council members are individuals who are facing these challenges head-on and moving quickly to adapt with new processes and procedures that are transforming the homebuilding industry.

The HTS Advisory Council seeks to show how builders can substantially differentiate the structures and finishes of their new homes, engage and sell to more buyers, sell more of the features they want, and tap into lifetime value. Members are willing to share their insights and experiences to help move the industry forward toward a bigger share of the overall home purchasing and improvement market.

Here are what Advisory Council members are saying about Housing Transformation:

One of the unintended consequences of the pandemic was an almost insatiable demand for new housing to accommodate living, working and studying from home.  I think our industry adapted quickly on many fronts proving that innovation can occur at lightning speed.  This conference is unique in both focus and timing, to innovate without disruption for the healthy future of our industry.

Joan Marcus Webb
Advisor & Former CMO, The New Home Company



Builders as well as manufacturers need to know the limitless possibilities of working with buyers to present to them the finished product.  It is one of the major reasons for people to be buying new homes.  So much of the time it’s just about the location or price without regard to how people are actually going to live in their home. If builders sell homes like they did 20 years ago, then they won’t be around for the next 20.  They have to innovate and the best place to start is in the selling process of both the product as well as the options.  There are many avenues, and builder must be able to obtain a road map so that they know where to go.  I’m excited for the chance for leaders to reach a large number of people and motivate the industry to reach greater heights.

Dennis Webb,
VP, Fulton Homes



HTS provides a platform that enables collaboration and synergy between builders and vendors to learn how this relationship can be improved to develop a more customer driven approach.

I am excited to get in an environment that encourages vendors to adapt to builder needs­.

Ryan Leusch,
CTO, S2A Modular



I believe this event is both timely and necessary, as this is our moment in history as home builders, to come together and effect lasting change within our industry. There are incredible ideas and concepts that need support to grow and become relevant. Either we get serious about bringing them to scale or those outside our industry will. Coming together with our combined knowledge and experience to collaborate will become the catalyst for innovation within our ranks. We need to share our ideas and experience to help accelerate this much needed transformation. For me the excitement comes with the chance to be provoked and challenged by other thought leaders in home building with the common goal of transformation for us all.

Dan Faina,
Division President, Williams Homes



For more information about Housing Transformation Advisory Council Members click here.

HTS Advisory Council Members


Mike Moore, Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

Joan Webb, Advisor & Former CMO, The New Home Company

Paul Cardis, Founder, The Cardis Group

Melissa Morman, Builders Digital Experience

Marc Lamoureaux, President, Alpha Vision

Richie Eubanks, President, Hughston Homes

Dan Faina, Division President, Williams Homes

Dennis Webb, VP, Fulton Homes

Bob Rademacher, President, Kolter Homes

Tiffany George, VP, Christian Brothers Interiors

Melissa Auten, Director Business Development, Unscripted Interior Design

KareyAnn Ellison, VP Sales & Mktg, Highland Homes

Ken Peterson, VP Sales & Marketing, Shea Homes

Jennifer Renaud, CMO, Masonite


Keith Anderson, President, On3

Steve Booz, CMO, Royal Building Products

Nick Brown, President, Build Smart

Greg Balen, Regional President, Landsea Homes

Ryan Leusch, CTO, S2A Modular

Monica Wheaton, Director of Customer Success, ECI Mark Systems