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How Digital Design Centers Improve Operations and Increase New Home Sales

John Galante of AE Venture leads an informative discussion about the value of digital design centers with platform designers from all across the industry. Presenters include George Papaioannou, Vice President of Sales at Alpha Vision, Melissa Mormon, Chief Experience Officer at BDX, Ryan Thorton, Co-Founder / COO, ECI – INSEARCH Interactive, Jeff Trapp, Executive Vice President at Interior Logic Group, and Carolyn Little, who is President of Studio Chateau.

George talks about Alpha Vision’s work with PulteGroup in helping Pulte sales associates remotely engage consumers. The biggest benefit of this assisted sales approach? “It personalized that consumer’s home – it’s not a model home, it’s not a home, it’s that home they were selecting with the options that they wanted,” George says. This approach is not only limited to interior – the platform allows customers to select structural options. “All of this is assisted by the sales team and has extended the local experience online,” he says and adds how the design center functionality has increased customer engagement and profitability.

Melissa discusses her work with Fulton Homes and Tri Pointe Group. She explains how VR and visualizers allow consumers to easily make selections and update their wishlist. “You can walk through, make your selections, leave the room, come back,” Melissa says and talks about the importance of a curated buyer experience. According to Melissa, “it’s all about the journey” and getting consumers closer to buying online.

Ryan focuses on the role of integration. He talks about his work with Signature Homes and how they were able to double their home and options sales in one year through a successful interactive campaign. Ryan talks about the significance of transparency and how it can generate buyer trust. He uses Jenuane Communities, a company based in northern Nevada, as another example of how a company can use digital design centers to reduce selection time, which can increase efficiency.

Jeff, who is Executive Vice President at Interior Logic Group, talks about his company’s online options selection, customized homebuyer pricing, flooring visualization, real time pricing for homebuyers, industry leading analytics, and appointment scheduling. He discusses his company’s work on creating a digital design platform for Taylor Morrison Phoenix Division and how they helped create a more efficient sales process and increase home sales.

Carolyn emphasizes Studio Chateau’s tagline – “magic of design” – and how it describes a technology ecosystem in which builders can manage the design process seamlessly. As an example, she mentions a client company that has integrated Studio Chateau, Salesforce, and SAP in order to centralize their operations.

The presenters end their discussion with a conversation about “the next big thing” in digital design centers and take questions from the audience. Watch the video to find out more!