Learn from the trailblazers

Shea Homes and Fulton Homes are leading the way for home builders by implementing innovative solutions in the homebuying process. Take the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

Shea Design Studio

November 30

On the evening of November 30, following a keynote presentation on the transformational processes and practices of #22 Shea Homes, HTS participants will board a bus to the Shea Homes Design Center, just 20 minutes away. Guests will be walked through design center elements and learn how Shea works its magic with buyers and the Shea design center experts that operate the center will be available for informal Q&A so guests and sponsors can dig deeper. Food and drink will be served to keep the conversations going and flowing.

Fulton Design Center

December 1

On the evening of December 1, Fulton Homes opens its famous 13,000 sf design center to share its new home and options retailing wizardry with guests bussed from the Phoenix Hyatt Regency, HTS headquarters hotel. The flow will be similar to Shea with a station by station walk through, informal Q&A with operators and food, drink and conversations.

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