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Best Digital Marketing Practices for New Home Builders

This presentation focuses on the best practices in digital marketing and how new home builders can make customers excited about planning for and owning a new home. Presenters include Marc Lamoureux, President and Co-founder at Alpha Vision, Kendra Sanchez, Marketing Manager at Pacific Communities, and Nico Nitti from Nitti Development. John Galante, President of AE...Continue reading

2022 Trends in Kitchen, Bath and Room Finishes

What are some of the generational trends regarding room finishes and how can homebuilders adapt to them? Which trends are considered to be state-of-the-art and which ones are on their way out? Anya Chrisanthon, Chief Brand Officer at Anwego, facilitates a discussion on the topic with Lesley McCarthy, Senior VP of Model Division at Builders...Continue reading

The Value of Information Flows in New Homes

What are device information flows and how can they be utilized by service providers and builders? John Galante, President of AE Ventures, facilitates a discussion on the topic with Jim Carroll, co-founder and CEO of Sendal, Joe Lautner, Principal at TecHome Advisors, Madison Saab, Channel Manager for, Michael Werner, Founder of HomeX, and Brad...Continue reading

How Builders Can Use Feedback Tools to Improve Customer Experience

John Galante of AE Venture facilitates an exciting conversation about the benefits of feedback platforms and their ability to understand client needs and create a better customer experience. Presenters include Kristi Allen, Owner of WoodCastle Homes, Chris Hartley, Vice President of Sales at K. Hovnanian Homes, and Melissa Mormon, who is Chief Experience Officer at...Continue reading

Key Factors for Successful Vendor-Builder Collaboration

Anya Chrisanthon, Chief Brand Officer at Anewgo, facilitates an exciting conversation on having successful vendor-builder collaboration. Joining Anya are Melissa Morman, Chief Experience Officer at BDX , Steve Herbert, Director of Global Business Development at Samsung, Gena Kirk, VP of Studio Operations at KB Home, and Bret Jacob, Director of Builder Services at Nortek Control....Continue reading

How Digital Design Centers Improve Operations and Increase New Home Sales

John Galante of AE Venture leads an informative discussion about the value of digital design centers with platform designers from all across the industry. Presenters include George Papaioannou, Vice President of Sales at Alpha Vision, Melissa Mormon, Chief Experience Officer at BDX, Ryan Thorton, Co-Founder / COO, ECI – INSEARCH Interactive, Jeff Trapp, Executive Vice...

Model Homes to Finished Homes: Showing What Sells!

Judson Diehl, General Manager of Real Estate at Modsy, Jennifer Cooper, Fractional CMO at Evolution Marketing, and Sara Kilburn, CEO of The Mark Group, join Anya Chrisanthon, Chief Brand Officer at Anewgo, for an insightful presentation on the value of virtual presentation and showing what sells.

How to Assemble the Ultimate Homebuilding Team

This Executive Forum panel, sponsored by Avid Ratings, focuses on the key concepts behind housing transformation and the valuation implications for builders who pursue them. Joan Webb, Former CMO and advisor to The New Home Company, and John Galante of AE Ventures, host the discussion with panelists Keith Anderson of Keith Anderson Consulting, and Larry...Continue reading

Key Insights on the Benefits of Panelization and Prefabrication

On this Structures & Systems edition of the Housing Transformation Summit, Monica Wheaton, who is Director of Customer Success at ECI Software Solutions, facilitates a discussion on utilizing prefabricated components and panelization. Keith Anderson, President of On3 / Keith Anderson Consulting, and Ryan Leusch, Chief Technology Officer of S2A Modular, are the expert panelists in...Continue reading