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The Move-In-Ready Fully Finished New Home with Modsy

Home finishes are often considered the final built-in touches of the home, like tile choice or countertops but can builders go further to streamline the new home experience for their buyers? Time to rethink the finished home! Modsy offers a highly customized virtual design for developers and builders who want to take their buyer’s experience...Continue reading

Customized That’s Simplified for Starter to Luxury Homes

Customizability is key with the new market of home buyers, but manageability is key for builders in order to offer a more personalized finished home. We talk about a wide range of products from HVAC to customized finished appliances across any style, space, and budget while simplifying the process so builders can focus on the...Continue reading

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Delivering Personalized Homes on a Schedule with Hughston Homes

Hughston Homes is a fast-growing Southeast region builder serving Georgia, Alabama, and Tennesse that prides itself on providing the best possible buying, building, and homeownership experience. Years of experience, modern technology, and streamlined systems allow them to deliver personalized homes on a schedule. We spent some time getting inside of Hughston’s approach and systems with...Continue reading

Creating Knowledgeable, Skilled Labor Teams with AI

Shortage on skilled labor? Team not ready for new codes? Delays in new product roll outs? New AI can help by putting a knowledgeable expert field trainer right in your team’s pocket! We chat with Keith Anderson, President of On3, about this new Field Learning Platform and how it’s helping construction teams build better, faster,...Continue reading

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Homebuilding Industry Leaders Join Housing Transformation Summit Advisory Council

Early adopters of process and product innovation are ready to contribute insights and share real world learnings that will help builders dramatically increase market share AE Ventures announces the formation of an advisory council of true homebuilding business process, product and digital solutions innovation leaders who will inform the development of content and features at...Continue reading