Reach more buyers, more effectively. Engage them with compelling digital marketing assets like virtual tours, help them personalize their new homes with the on-trend products and features they want, and use the documented digital homebuying journey as a means to tap into lifetime value.

Icon Accelerate Innovatio

Accelerate innovation

Meet with innovative vendors in digital solutions, finishes, and structures and systems to help you move fast on the products and process supports you need.

Icon Maximize Revenue

Maximize revenue

Engage more buyers, sell more homes, increase sell through on options, and drive efficiencies that ensure projects are completed profitably and on-schedule.

Icon Value

Tap into lifetime value

Get your share of the 40% above initial transaction prices spent on maintenance, improvements, and repairs over the lifetime of the home.

Event Track Details

Digital Solutions

For Sales, Marketing, Operations, and IT Leaders

The HTS Digital Solutions track covers applications of technology in your business operations for sales, marketing, and options through to design, production, and customer care that are essential to your company’s future success in homebuilding. The key to game-changing results is simultaneously re-engineering your processes and trade relations to be more customer-centric and competitive.

Structures & Systems

For Construction, Operations, and Strategic Sourcing

The HTS Structures & Systems track of courses and vendor boardroom presentations tackles ideas like leveraging new structural components and building envelope products to deliver buyer-demanded benefits like energy efficiency, health and wellness, resilience and integrity as well as cost and time to market. HTS Structures also will suggest strategies for achieving continuous innovation in an area of home building that’s dominated by in the trenches, battlefield thinking.

Finishes & Personalization

For Design/Options, Sales & Marketing, Strategic Sourcing

The HTS Finishes track focuses on concepts and processes for optimizing planning and sell-through of new finishes through deep builder-vendor communication and collaboration. Learn how to establish early vision on all aspects of success, including preparing digital sales and marketing assets, training for subs and/or sub recruitment, and assembling complete ensembles and solutions for buyers.

Bob Fields, Director of Industry Relations

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Would you like to sell more homes and increase your profits? Schedule a quick call to explore the key concepts and vision for Housing Transformation with Bob Fields, Director of Industry Relations.


Icon All Expenses Paid

Expenses paid, arrangements made

Flights, hotel, meals, and registration are all planned and covered for our VIP builder guests. It gets the right people in the room and helps them focus on key concepts, process improvements, products and vendors that can make a difference instead of conference logistics!

Icon Expert Sessions and Keynotes

Expert sessions & keynotes

Summit presenters are the builders, consultants, and vendor partners that are making transformation pay-off. They’re willing to share because they recognize used houses are the #1 competitor. Most of sessions are conversations among experts – the kind of conversations you’ll want to participate in!

Icon Personalized Supplier Meetings

Personalized vendor meetings

We’ll ask you about your goals and objectives and connect you directly with the vendors who are uniquely suited to address your specific needs. We do the legwork to provide you with the most relevant tools and solutions to create separation and establish differentiated value in your corner of the market.

Icon Small Group, Deep-dive Presentations

Small group, deep-dive presentations

There’s nothing like taking in a presentation from a vendor in the company of your peers. It broadens perspective and deepens understanding of the value of the products and services presented. We encourage vendors to go beyond features and benefits to the process supports they provide.

We are confident that you will find great value in attending this summit, and if for any reason you feel it was a waste of your time, we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice. We’d give you your money back, but we pay for everything!

Transformation is a team sport. Drive real change through innovation from top to bottom.