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The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

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AE Ventures Announces Launch of Housing Transformation Summit

Q4 2021 event will drive progress on design, sale and delivery of “Finished Homes” and increase incorporation of innovative structural and building envelope products to expand opportunity for builders.

AE Ventures, producers of TecHome Builder Summits, announced today the launch of the Housing Transformation Summit—a new event scheduled to launch Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2021 with companion digital events and media to follow in 2022. Housing Transformation recognizes the strength of the American homebuilding industry (nearing $400 billion in revenues in 2020), but also its under-optimized potential as represented by its modest 13% share of the total US homebuying and improvement market.

The event will address the opportunity for builders and their trade allies to up their market share significantly. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Increasing competitiveness vs. resale homes by embracing innovations to achieve order-of-magnitude differentiation
  • Increasing per-home revenue by using digital technology to personalize at scale
  • Connecting to lifetime value revenue streams via digital technology.

Using AE Ventures proven, focused hosted event format, The Housing Transformation Summit will enable builder buying teams to focus and dive deep on the opportunities and challenges of transformation. High quality general sessions, boardroom presentations and intensive one-on-one interactions with vendor partners will drive progress in discrete segments focusing on finishes and structures/the building envelope.

“Housing Transformation will help builders seize their fair share of a nearly $3 trillion annual market,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “By embracing and more rapidly adopting product and process innovation, as our events and media will encourage, builders can more than double their market share and make a great industry spectacular.”

“AE Ventures immersive hosted style events help builders focus on key products and processes and gain the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward more rapidly,” said Nancy Franco, executive vice president of AE Ventures. “We’re excited to apply lessons learned with TecHome Builder to the broader universe of home finishes, structures and building envelope products.”

“I’ve been involved with dozens of design/build media and event brands over the years,” said AE Ventures director of national accounts, Michael Boyle. “I know the AE Ventures proven formula for driving builder progress on innovations will make a big difference for builders and vendors with the new Housing Transformation Summit.”


The Finished Home wing of the Summit encompasses a broad range of interior and exterior finishes (including outdoor elements) as well as sales and marketing technology. In addition to helping builder buying teams thoroughly evaluate finish products and vendors, this segment of the Summit will help builders develop and implement the Finished Home concept of selling and designing homes.

Leveraging technology and process improvements, builders present homebuyers a complete and cleverly merchandised collection of finish options and efficiently sell a personalized home that deeply satisfies buyers and leaves no money on the table.

Digital technologies also enable capture of the as-built home (documenting all included options, house plans and engineering drawings) and the homebuying journey. This information can be used to manage maintenance and improvement of the home and enable builders and their trade partners to tap into the lifetime value estimated to be 40% of the initial home transaction price.

The Finishes segment’s content focus sets the stage for a broader, more strategic discussion between vendor sponsors and builder guests at the Summit. In addition to product features, benefits and advantages, sponsors will cover topics such as:

  • Sales and marketing assets they provide to lift sales and options sell-through
  • How they team with complementary manufacturers in integrated solutions and ensembles
  • How they collaborate with subcontractors to tackle jobsite, sales/marketing, customer care and aftermarket challenges and opportunities.

Finishes Homes Vendor Sponsor Product Scope

Finishes Guest/Audience Profile
Finishes decision makers from companies building 50 or more homes per year including Executive Management and VPs, Directors and Managers of…

  • Design/Options
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Strategy
  • Purchasing


The Housing Transformation Structures wing focuses on innovations that contribute to highly desirable features like energy efficiency, sustainability, resiliency and health and wellness. It also encompasses innovations that save time and money and improve quality. Innovations range from conventional structural components to prefabricated components.

General session content for this segment will tackle topics like:

  • Understanding design process changes necessary for structural innovation.
  • Understanding how to promote the benefits and value of structural innovations.
  • Establishing processes for regularly evaluating and implementing structural innovations and process changes.
  • Establishing solid structural innovation testing regimes.

Structures Vendor Sponsor Product Scope

Structures Guest/Audience Profile
Structural components and systems decision makers from companies building 30 or more homes per year, including Executive Management and VPs, Directors and Managers of…

  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Purchasing


  • Hosted guests
    • The event will host leaders of 150 top homebuilding companies, covering flights, hotel, meals and registration for all in recognition of their agreement to attend the event from start to finish and meet with vendor sponsors on a scheduled basis.
    • Guests are vetted to host only relevant decision makers of companies representing substantial buying power.
    • Guests will select participation in either the Finished Home track of general sessions and boardroom presentations or the Structural Innovations track based on relevance of their job function and present buying needs.  
  • Housing Transformation Awards
    • Recognizes the products, vendors, builders and subcontractors that are leading the way on transformation.
    • Awards given and celebrated at Connections Reception


  • Online Event targeted launch May 2022 – Basic participation for sponsors – booth and presentation – complimentary with in-person sponsorship.
  • Big Rock Content – Guides and research for builders and vendors seeking to make progress on key concepts, includes recommended processes, organizational structures, agendas for meetings, outlines for reports and action plans.
  • Proof of Performance Content – Blogs and webcasts showcase implementation stories and lessons learned on housing transformation concepts. Event sponsors can contribute case study content and participate at no charge.
  • Housing Transformation Spark Awards
    • Recognizes the products, vendors, builders and subcontractors that are leading the way on transformation.
    • Awards given and celebrated at Connections Reception

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