Raise the Stakes

Welcome to Housing Transformation—a new event with companion digital media from AE Ventures, producers of the TecHome Builder Summits.

Housing Transformation recognizes the strength of the American homebuilding industry (nearing $400 billion in revenues in 2020), but also its under-optimized potential, represented by its modest 13% share of the total US homebuying and improvement market.

The event will address the opportunity for builders and their trade allies to up their market share significantly.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Increasing competitiveness vs. resale homes by embracing innovations to achieve order-of-magnitude differentiation
  • Increasing per-home revenue by using digital technology to personalize at scale
  • Connecting to lifetime value revenue streams via digital technology.


A System for Success

Using AE Ventures proven hosted event format, The Housing Transformation Summit enables builder buying teams to dive deep on the opportunities and challenges of transformation.

High quality general sessions, boardroom presentations and intensive one-on-one interactions with vendor partners will drive progress in two key areas—Finishes and Structures.

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