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Lightning Strikes in the Desert: Inaugural Housing Transformation Summit Receives Rave Review

New hosted event boasts 4.4+ star rating and 60+ Net Promoter Score from builders representing more than $73 billion in annual revenues and 160,000+ homes built annually.

Debuting in Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 30-Dec. 2, AE Ventures’ Housing Transformation Summit (HTS) was a smash hit, boasting 4.4+ star ratings and a Net Promoter Score of 60+ on its post event survey. The hosted style event was designed to help builders grow market share vs. used homes, cut into improvement and maintenance dollars and increase gross profits while reducing risk. Leveraging the experiences of more than a dozen trailblazing builders and the insights of innovative vendors and solution providers, the Summit pointed the way toward implementing digital transformation, resetting vendors relationships to incorporate innovations more quickly and focusing ferociously on engaging buyers and delivering them personalized homes that are easy to manage, maintain and improve.

About HTS Guests

Nearly 100 top builder guests representing 55 companies, generating annual revenues of $73.8 billion in 2021 and building 160,000+ homes attended the event. Average 2021 guest company revenues are $1.17 billion; average 2021 homes built 2,912.

These VIP builder innovator guests were wowed by the event, reporting the following perceptions, takeaways and to-dos!

  • I was motivated and inspired by my experience at the Summit
  • The Summit was a professionally managed and produced event
  • We’ll be working on expanding our company’s use of digital solutions because of HTS
  • I found new products, solutions and vendors that I’m considering implementing at HTS
  • I made valuable business contacts with peers at HTS
  • We’ll be working on ways to accelerate incorporation of innovative and on-trend designs, structures, systems and finishes in our homes because of HTS
  • We’ll be working to establish/expand our use of digital design center solutions to increase personalization and options sales because of HTS
  • We’ll be working harder on competitive positioning and marketing of our homes vs. used houses because of HTS
  • We’ll be working on ways to improve our online listings and digital marketing funnel because of HTS
  • We’ll be exploring how to tap into post-close lifetime value because of HTS

Guest Comments

  • Fantastic opportunity to network with industry leaders. This event transformed my approach to homebuilding, the customer journey, and a renewed sense of confidence that I’m leading our business in the right direction.
  • My eyes were opened to new ways of doing business and what is likely to be trending. We are on the east coast and, in particular coastal Carolina, often find ourselves behind. I think anyone, even if they are up on trends and new methods, would profit from this summit. They would be inspired and find themselves encouraged to continue to implement positive change.
  • Amazed at the new technology that is available today. Trying to take everything in and see what we can add to our homes.
  • Many of the vendors have already reached out to me one day after the event!
  • Every speaker and every vendor I spoke with in the one-on-one meeting were professionals in their fields. We are in Dallas Texas, and I have never seen a panelized home. This was very interesting, and we have already reached out to a panel component company to discuss.
  • It was a great experience. Learning and hearing about current and future trends with regard to customer experiences is very helpful.
  • Informative. An opportunity to meet with like-minded executives. Sheds light on the ever-changing landscape on a national level.
  • Good. Useful information. Especially the first day – packed full.
  • I’m a transformational leader so this type of event excites me. The challenge is pushing builders out of their comfort zone to move our industry closer to the present.

About HTS Sponsors

More than 50 companies are sponsoring the launch event including leaders in the digital solutions realm, structures and systems and finishes vendors. Sponsors rated the event at 4.3.+ stars with a Net Promoter Score of 40+.

Sponsor Comments

  • Highly intentional and interactive sessions. By far the most effective marketing event I’ve ever done.
  • Great event with a high engagement for sponsors and attendees alike. I would highly recommend.
  • Overall, a great event. The schedule and format of one-on-ones made for productive meetings. Builders were engaged, eager to learn and in a position to make decisions.
  • It is a great session that is very in line with our mission as a management solution company.
  • Having the one-on-ones and boardroom sessions are so much more productive than typical trade shows. You’re spending time with qualified companies/people. Standard trade shows are hit-and-miss, with most of the contacts wasting your time when stuck in a booth all day.
  • The show is professional and well organized to allow for efficient meetings and impactful engagement.

What Sponsors Like Best

  • The overall organization and responsiveness on the ground. Little to no stones unturned.
  • Very efficient use of our time and resources – getting in front of people in one shot.
  • The boardroom sessions are the way to go–having the builder’s attention for 35 minutes works really well for us.
  • Well-orchestrated event. Excellent content.
  • Format is great! Gives us an opportunity to pitch the value proposition to a wide variety of builders in a short period of time.
  • The meetings that were setup–the concept is amazing.

Program Highlights

The event was structured with a five-session Executive Forum kick-off followed by three tracks of general sessions and sponsor boardroom presentations (Digital Solutions, Structures & Systems and Finishes) and an exhibit where guests and sponsors connected for scheduled meetings and other connections. Every track of general session content had 89% or more of guests participating rate it Excellent or Good. Other programs of note:

  • A keynote session that profiled the broad-based customer experience transformation of Shea Homes featuring Shea Homes VP of Sales and Marketing, Ken Peterson and a dozens of others on Shea’s Transformation Team and its solution providers and vendors. Sponsored by FBC Mortgage.
  • An after-hours tour of the innovative Shea Home Design Center. Sponsored by Rider Elite.
  • Another after-hours tour of the 13,000 SF Fulton Homes Design Center. Sponsored by Rider Elite and ILG.

“The first Housing Transformation in Phoenix was a watershed moment in what’s been a 20-year journey for AE Ventures EVP, Nancy Franco, me and our whole team,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “It succeeded in getting the builders who attended to embrace digital transformation not just as IT stuck on to existing processes, but to use it to make the homebuilding enterprise more competitive and customer centric, particularly through collaboration on innovation with vendors. We are grateful for the team of powerhouse advisors and sponsors that joined us to pull off this launch in an unlikely year!”

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